"Chris absolutely hits it out of the park. He get's it. He understands education." 

"He was really funny, and the stories he told were super relevant for our lives."  

"He was really engaging...I was crying a couple times 'cause I was laughing so hard!" 

“Chris Bowers' presentation was one the BEST motivational programs I have seen in 19 years as Student Council advisor. His message was clear and concise. His rapport with adults and students was wonderful. Even the adult teachers and community members have been singing his praises since the assembly."

-Student Council Advisor, Waterville High School, Waterville, NY


Chris Bowers With Students.jpg

"I just came home to a daughter who couldn't stop talking about your presentation. From all she's told me (and demonstrated), you did an awesome job! As a parent, I thank you for reaffirming something I've been teaching her, (Something I've recently been learning, myself) if you're afraid to make mistakes, you can't grow."

-Parent, Dakota High School, MI


"I laughed. I cried. I peed my pants. I snorted in front of my colleagues. It was amazing---very motivational." 

 "I thought he engaged the teachers just as well as he did the freshmen...He was really great at engaging the kids. He did an awesome job!"

"Chris is awesome. I knew I had to bring him in to spread the message about what it takes to succeed in High School, what it takes to succeed in life, and he does it in a way the kids love. They laugh, but they also get a great message out of it." 

"I attended a conference in 2005, when I was a sophomore in high school. I am now a college graduate.

Most of the speakers we had at conferences bored us to tears, but your talk was different. You spoke to us, not at us. It was, for me, the first time in my life that I felt empowered. 

I have since framed that little yellow tie as a constant reminder that I am the one who holds the power."

- Lindsay Minor

Chris Bowers Freshman Focus.jpg

"Well, what can I say except "Bravo!!" The kids really enjoyed listening to your stories and were definitely impressed by your vibrant style and, of course, your important message. The teachers and administrators that were in attendance concur with the vote of the kids. I will always remember the "wire in the nose" lesson and will share it with the younger teachers whom I mentor."

- Director of Student Activities, DuPage Valley Conference, IL

"I just want to thank you on a personal level but also for my whole school. After your talk it was all smiles in the halls...The way that you presented got through to even the toughest of people at my school. There wasn't a single person in the gym that wasn't paying attention."

-High School Senior, CA


Chris Bowers Motivational Speaker.jpg

"You really did make me realize that if you act as yourself, others will respect you for it. It was really wonderful to see everybody come out of their shells and just be their goofy selves."

-High School Senior, TX